..........the hallmark of quality dentistry. DAMAS stands for Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme. It provides you with total reassurance that the work a lab produces on behalf of its clients and their patients will reflect unbeatable quality standards. Just as important , we fully comply with all UK regulations relating to the production of dental appliances such as the Medical Devices Directive(MDD) and the Medical Device Regulations(MDR) and all our technicians are registered with the GDC which ensures full consideration of your patients' health and safety.Does your current lab do the same?

DAMAS certification is not awarded lightly: labs who wish to become accredited have to undergo a stringent auditing process with regular checks over many months. But we believe the end result has definitely been worth it.

DAMAS adapts and simplifies the proven quality management principles enshrined in ISO 9001 - not to dilute their effectiveness, but to create a stucture that better suits dental industry regulations and reflects the practical aspects of manufacturing dental appliances.

Advice from Dental Protection who covers 70% of dentists states "you are encouraged to ensure that you only use registered laboratories and it is HIGHLY

RECOMMENDED that you seek proper proof of registration and compliance which can be most easily demonstrated by accreditation to DAMAS."

Supported throughout the dental industry.

Who is behind the scheme? The Dental Laboratories Association, the organisation dedicated to representing the best interests of UK dental labs and raising standards. To ensure DAMAS meets the needs of dentists and patients as well as dental technicians the DLA developed the programme in partnership with:
  • The British Dental Association
  • The General Dental Practitioners Association
  • Dental Protection
  • The Department of Health
  • AMTAC Certification Services Ltd
  • The British Dental Health Association
  • The British Dental Trades Association
  • Denplan Ltd

To find out more visit the DAMAS website at www.damas.co.uk

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